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Velcro Display Straight Backdrop

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Dimension: 2298mm x 2298mm (Feet Measurement = 7.7' w x 7.7' h)
Weight: 18Kg
Accessories: Velcro Strip, Trolly Casing

​Material 1: Korean Fabric - 2 to 3 days production, standard colour accuracy (Colour accuracy up to 93% and harder surface / texture.)
Material 2: PVC Fabric - 7 to 10 days production, high resolution and vibrant colour accuracy (Colour accuracy up to 96% and softer surface / texture.)

​*Note: Please Consult / Call our Management before made order or to confirm availability.

This FAST-LANE outdoor banner display is suitable for different displays, shows, malls, conferences, and sales promotions not to mention is easy to set up too.

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